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Source: Wikimedia

Pizza Hut Wants To Keep You Warm With Its New 'Pizza Parka'

By Dennis Matthew Livesey

Forget your trusty North Face this year. Hot out of the oven is Pizza Hut's new "Pizza Parka." In an effort to promote their new delivery pouch, Pizza Hut created a blazing red parka made from the same insulating material, and equipped with a windowed sleeve for your phone, a splash guard, and a slice-shaped pocket that might be good for something, but definitely not pizza.

October is National Pizza Month, since apparently there aren't enough global humanitarian crises at the moment. For the entire month, anyone who orders from the Pizza Hut website will be eligible to win one of the limited edition jackets.

Sadly, winning is the only way to get your hands on one, as they won't be available for purchase: