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Source: Wikipedia

Man's Twitter Account Taken Down For Making A Death Threat Against A Mosquito

By Chad Burris

A Twitter user in Japan sent out an irritated text after he was bit by mosquito. 

He wrote, "Bastard! Where do you get off biting me all over while I'm just trying to real and watch TV?Die! (Actually you're already dead)." 

Source: Twitter

Twitter has been trying resist the amount of cyber bully and violence inducing tweets that find their way on their social site. 

The company has started scanning accounts for abusive behavior and have taken action against users due to their inappropriate comments. This user didn't think that his comment about the mosquito would end up having his account suspended. 

Shortly after posting the tweet, he received this message from Twitter:  

"Thank you for using Twitter. Your account has been frozen because it was used to send messages containing threats. Tweets containing threats are not allowed under our terms of service. This account cannot be reactivated. Thank you for your understanding."

Here's the tweet below: