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People Are Losing Their Minds In The Comments Of This HGTV Cake Decorating Video

By Collin Gossel

Normally, any video's comment section is a well-recognized place of madness. When the video itself sinks slowly into crazy, however, the comments can act as a guiding light back to reality. 

Take this video that HGTV recently shared on Facebook:

Things start out pretty normal here. We've got a cake, a little sparsely iced but otherwise nothing too unusual. Then...

Step 2: just throw some herbs on top of the cake. Just get some nice leafy herbs and put them on top of the cake. WE'VE VENTURED INTO MADNESS.

Step 3: dump a whole lot of strawberries, one lemon wedge and two macaroons on top. A strange assortment, made only more unusual by...

Step 4: Put MORE herbs around the bottom of the cake. Nothing but herbs. 

"What a delicious, leafy, herby cake, right?! RIGHT?!" -an HGTV producer whose life is falling apart at the seams: