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Source: Instagram

Woman Makes Fun Of Unrealistic Pregnancy Selfies In Series Of Realistic Photos

By Erica Diaz

Pregnancy is hard. It's hard on your body, it's hard on your emotions, and this new trend of the super glam pregnancy is great and all, but we don't all have a team of stylists helping us out and designing amazing photo shoots for us. 

We're looking at you, Mrs. Carter. We can't all do this. 

Maya Vorderstrasse decided she wanted to document her pregnancy just a little bit differently. In an interview with Huff Post, she explained that she was tired of seeing pregnancy and motherhood shown online as "perfect, flawless and effortless" since it was never like that for her or many women she knew. Her pregnancy photos with baby #2 are just a little bit different from what the trend has been lately. 

Armed with a letterboard, Maya got honest.