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Source: Mexico Attorney General

Mexican 'Serial Killer' Couple Caught Carrying Body Parts In A Stroller May Have Killed Up To 20 Women

By B. Miller

Juan Carlos "N" and his wife Patricia "N" were arrested in Ecatapec, Mexico, outside of Mexico City on Thursday for the murders of 10 women while transporting body parts in a baby carriage. The pair's arrest came after an investigation into the disappearance of three women and a two-month-old infant. As authorities investigated, they learned that the couple was harboring an even larger secret.

Upon his arrest, Juan Carlos "N" (partially identified as per Mexican law) admitted to and gave detailed accounts of the 10 deaths in which he and his wife were suspects. But he didn't stop there. He continued to detail the deaths of 10 more people, bringing his and his wife's murder count to 20. He also said he raped some of the female victims and sold some of their body parts. Police searched their two houses, which they shared with their three children, and found dismembered body parts in buckets with cement and in the refrigerator wrapped in plastic bags. Clothing believed to belong to the victims was also found.

Juan Carlos "N" told authorities that he and his wife used a ruse to lure their victims. They mainly targeted young mothers and offered the women discounts on baby clothes.

Mexico state prosecutor Alejandro Gomez described Juan Carlos' confession:

He described it in a completely natural way... I would say he actually seemed happy to have done this. He wants people to see his picture, to know his name... I would obviously classify this person as a murderer, a serial killer.