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Source: Twitter / @LAGalaxy

7-Year-Old Girl Belts Out A Powerhouse Rendition Of The National Anthem For The Ages 😮

By Alex Maxx

Singing the national anthem is a big deal. But singing it flawlessly in front of an entire stadium of people, at a mere seven years old? No one can deny that takes some serious talent and courage–and Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja has plenty of both.

The young singer won a competition to perform the national anthem at the start of the LA Galaxy vs. Seattle Sounders soccer game at the StubHub Center in Los Angeles on Sunday. 

Since the start of the game, the video of the self-proclaimed "singer, actor, model & anthem girl"  has gone viral, earning millions of views and hundreds of comments. 

One commenter said:

"She is adorable. She knows the words and the tune better than most adults."

Someone else called the miniature vocalist a "little boss lady."

Others got emotional while watching the performance:

"I’m all choked up. Wow, so precious."

The sudden fame comes at no surprise, considering the big vocals on this little girl: