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Source: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

Burglary Victim Tweets At Bird Scooter Company After Thief Uses One Of Their Scooters As A Getaway Vehicle

By Dennis Matthew Livesey

They can now be spotted in 20 states across the country, flocks of Bird electric scooters from the company that has been dubbed the  "Uber of scooters."

In partnership with cities and universities the rideshare company has seen an explosion in business over the past few months, but with success came controversy. 

 After growing concerns over public safety and locals angry about scooters cluttering their neighborhoods Bird may have a whole new problem to deal with.  

Michael Leppert, 51, was showering upstairs when a thief entered his Indianapolis home.  Leppert heard the noise and yelled "hello?" When he went downstairs he saw the door was open and his backpack, wallet, and laptop were missing.