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Source: Getty/Brendan Smialowski

Woman Who Famously Flipped Off Trump's Motorcade Is Running For Local Office ❤

By Chet Dawson

If the American President can launch a political career off a racist and easily debunked lie about the birthplace of Barack Obama, why can't a County Supervisor jump into the public sector off of a raised middle finger? 

You might recall the collective sentiment of the majority of this country distilled into this image from October of last year:


Brendan Smialowski/Getty

That's Juli Briskman of Sterling, Virginia, whose cycling route happened to coincide with the Presidential Motorcade. She took the opportunity to communicate her displeasure at its occupant. The viral photo cost her her job - though she successfully sued her employers over the firing - but shot her into the public sphere, including appearances on Megyn Kelly and Stephen Colbert. Well, nearly a year later, Juli is stepping up from being an iconic protester to a political candidate, launching a campaign for Board of Supervisors in Loudoun County, Virginia.