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A Pair Of Fighting Snakes Fell Through Someone's Bedroom Ceilingā€”And That's It, We're Done šŸ˜µ

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

A pair of fighting snakes fell through a bedroom ceilingā€”and the internet is just over for the day. 

The scene: a home in Brisbane, Australia.

The time: Sunday night. 

The players: two male coastal carpet pythons, some unsuspecting residents, and a local snake catcher named Lana Field.

The two snakes were fighting in the house's air ducts when they suddenly fell through a vent in the bedroom ceiling. They continued their combat on the floor of the room, which is where the residents of the Kenmore Hills property found them when they arrived home that night around 6:30 pm.

The snake catcher filmed a video of the scene and posted to Facebook Live. 

You can watch the video here via an Australian news outlet.

Or check out the story on Twitter: