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Source: Twitter / @beatonna

Artist Chronicles The Special Relationship Between Aunt And Nephew Through Comics

By Alex Maxx

Being a parent isn't an easy feat. Due to that fact, a lot of people bask in being an auntie or an uncle – titles that come with a lot less pressure, and often times, are thought of as more fun than mom and dad.  

But, the bond between an aunt and a nephew can be an, erm, interesting, one. When it comes to nephews, a ton of aunties don't get a fraction of the credit they deserve. 

Canadian comics artist Kate Beaton portrayed this special relationship in a relatable cartoon that has the internet cackling.

It has since garnered thousands of favorites and retweets, and more than a hundred comments – a large chunk being other aunties that experience the same thing. 

She begins the cartoon at the amusement park:

Beaton is the award-winning artist behind the popular comic strip Hark! A Vagrant. Her first comics collection, Never Learn Anything From History was named one of Time's top 10 fiction books of the year and ended up being a New York Times bestseller.