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Source: YouTube

Chris Cuomo Tells Kellyanne Conway To 'Go To Fox' If She Wants To Spread Lies

By B. Miller

On Thursday, CNN's Chris Cuomo sat down with Kellyanne Conway to discuss Trump's habit of lying.

But the pair constantly talked over each other.

Conway attempted to dodge Cuomo's questions by stating the economy hit an all-time best record (though Trump inherited an upwardly mobile economy thanks to Obama) and that Trump kept his promises to the American people (except for the wall, not playing golf, cutting taxes for everyone, repealing Obamacare...).

Cuomo kept up with Conway's rapid-fire shots, not allowing her to distract him from his ultimate question about Trump lying to the American people. 

He rebutted any of her positive claims, pointing out the racial disparity of employment rates and the fact that his infamous "drain the swamp" promise has backfired to say the least.