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Source: Bored Panda

Woman's Candid Tumblr Post About Why Relationships End Has 1,480,000+ People Agreeing

By Alex Maxx

Psychologists claim that the top four reasons for a failed relationship are: not making the relationship a priority, selfishness and narcissism, spurts of anger and rage, and cheating. But, even for those who are faithful, stable, and dedicated to the relationship, falling in love is scary for a lot of people. We fear falling out of it, or worse, our partner falling out of it. 

Taylor Myers, a 25-year-old poet from Dayton, Ohio, agrees, and shared a raw, emotional piece about relationships ending and people falling out of love. 

Simple statements throughout the poem are weighed down with fear and sorrow:

Most people fall out of love for the same reasons they fell in it.