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Source: pxhere

Missing Cat Returns Home After 13 Years, And The Reunion Is Giving People All The Feels 😭

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

A tabby cat and her owner were reunited after the beloved pet went missing thirteen years ago, a rare happy ending in the annals of lost pet sagas. 

Boo was only four years old when she disappeared from her home in Harrogate, England, in 2005. Her bereft human, Janet Adamowicz, hung posters around town and even placed an ad in the local paper, but to no avail. 

After searching for a year, Adamowicz finally lost hope and moved on to adopt two other cats, Ollie and Tessie.

Fast forward 13 years when she got an unexpected call from a vet 40 miles away.

According to BoredPanda and LAD Bible, who first reported the story, Adamowicz said:

I got a call on Thursday to say I had a cat missing. I said ‘I don’t think I do, they’re both here’ – but they said we’ve looked on the system it says you own a cat called Boo. I thought it was weird, but I couldn’t believe it when I got to the vets and they had her there – and she still remembered me.

Check it out: