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Source: Screenshot Twitter Brian Lorenzen

Woman's Makeup Bag Causes Massive Chaos At Munich Airport, Leaving 32,000 Passengers Stranded 😮

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

An unidentified woman and her bag of makeup were to blame for shutting down Terminal 2 at Munich Airport in Germany. The kerfuffle started when the woman approached security with a makeup bag full of small bottles of liquid, which are banned from carry on luggage.

Instead of dumping the liquids, the woman opted to return to the front desk and check her bag. Things took a turn when the woman came back through security but bypassed the checkpoint. Once security realized they had not seen the woman come back through, they went looking for her.

Unable to track the woman down because she was already on her flight, agents went into high alert and shut down the terminal as well as all departing flights. Eventually, they evacuated the entire terminal. The shutdown caused many travelers to miss flights and stranded passengers were left to sleep on cots the airport provided.