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Source: HBO

Maisie Williams Didn't Walk Away From The Set Empty-Handed After 'Game of Thrones' Finished Filming

By Alex Maxx

Game of Thrones is coming to a close as the final season is set to debut on HBO in January 2019. 

Fans are an emotional wreck, awaiting season 8 and theorizing what will happen in the last few episodes. But, as invested as fans might be in the eight-year-long series, no one is more distraught than the stars are. 

Maisie Williams, who was just 14 when the series began, confessed that she cried once the cast was done shooting the final season:

It's been almost a decade. I grew up with these people.

She said that it felt like "cutting an arm off" to leave the beloved land of Westeros. But leaving the set doesn't mean she has to leave everything behind for good.