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Source: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty

First Known Recording Of A 16-Year-Old David Bowie Discovered Hidden In A Bread Basket

By Chet Dawson

In 1963, a 16-year-old David Jones went into a studio with his first band, The Konrads, and was asked to step up from playing saxophone to lead vocals on a track called "I Never Dreamed." The band submitted the tape to Decca Records in the hopes of landing a recording deal but it was unceremoniously rejected. Now, 55 years later, The Konrads' drummer, David Hadfield, found the old tape in a bread basket up in his garage while moving, and as David Jones eventually changed his name to David Bowie and became one of the legends of rock, the tape is of significant interest to the world. 

The tape is going to auction in September and is expected to fetch upwards of £10,000, as auctioneer Paul Fairweather described the find as "a significant recording, completely unique." It is pretty neat to hear the teenage version of a voice we've all come to know.