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Source: Screenshot ABC 10 News

Woman Tries To Extort $500 From Man At Florida Bar After He Leaves His Cellphone Unattended

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

A woman in South Florida was arrested for second-degree felony charges of extortion and grand theft after an ill-conceived plan to get $500 from a man in a bar. It started when the unnamed man left his phone unattended on a table in Big Dawgs Sports Bar for a few minutes. 

Later that night, on his way home, the man received a text message demanding he pay $300 to an account under the name of Briyana Valls or she would tell the man's wife he was cheating. The next morning, the man took his phone to the police, showed them the message, and filed a report.

With the help of the police, he set up a meeting with Valls, who was now demanding $500 or else she would show the man's wife photos of the two of them together, though no such pictures existed. The man agreed to meet with Valls, and when he handed over the money, police moved in and arrested her.

Valls claimed she came up with the scam to help with her brother's medical bills.