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Source: @takeongravity

A Real Life 'Iron Man' Just Flew Around London In Incredible Home-Made Rocket Suit--And It's For Sale

By Chet Dawson

Jetpacks have been the great letdown of what was supposed to be the Great Technological Future. We've seen people fly in movies for decades, but it seems like every time man has strapped on a personal flying device it has ended in eyerolls. This week, however, saw the closest we've come to actual skyconquering - inventor Richard Browning demonstrated his fancy new Gravity Industries jetpack suit on the streets of London, zooming over a cobblestone street in front of a crowd. 

Neat, huh? As is to be expected, the jetpack rig is actually for sale at Selfridges, a UK department store with a Freudian slip for a name. Not to fret, concerned parents of the world - these things cost £340,000 and are unlikely summertime acquisitions.