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Source: Screenshot Imgur

Father Teaches His Son Important Life Lessons About Business And Community Through Snow Cones

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

A proud dad posted on Imgur this week about his six-year-old son Emmett's entrepreneurial spirit in pursuit of a new bike. 

As his dad tells it, Emmett wanted a new bike so badly, he was willing to sell off some of his "old toys and stuffed animals" for the cause. 

But just when they thought their enterprising child would be purchasing said bike at a local Sam's Club, the youngster decided to reinvest—in a business for himself.   

Here's how Emmett's dad says it all went down:


And guess what? The kid made good on his word! Now, his dad says Emmett's been bringing in quite the chunk of change for a first grader:

  His first time out he made $12, then $17, then $25 and he’s been hovering around there ever since.

Check it out: