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Source: Photo by FHM via Getty Images

Man Breaks Into An Escape Room Only To Find He Can't Escape Out Of It 😂

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

A man in Vancouver, Washington, called 911 to help escape a room he had broken into. The Clark County Sheriff called the owner of NW Escape Experience, Tamara Bertrand, to let her know Rye Wardlaw, 40, had called 911 four times to get help. It is unclear why Wardlaw, who is homeless, broke into the escape game business, but once inside he was unable to get out.

Wardlaw eventually managed to break his way out but police had already arrived on the scene and arrested him. Bertrand told The Columbian that there was minor damage to the business but they are back up and running. 

The business owner also added:

We now have a zero percent escape rate with criminals.