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Source: Alan Russell/Facebook

Fishermen Spy What They Think Is A Seal Floating On An Iceberg—But They Were In For A Surprise

By Dennis Matthew Livesey

Year after year crab fishing is listed as one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. So you can bet veterans of the trade have probably had their share of wild experiences. 

However for three crab fishermen working off the coast of Labrador, Canada, a recent day out on the water lead to an unexpected encounter that none of them could believe. 

Mallory Harrigan, Cliff Russell and Allan Russell were only a few miles offshore when their boat rolled up to a drifting iceberg shaped like a mushroom cap. They steered towards it thinking they saw a baby seal trapped on top of it, but when they got closer they realized the small animal was actually an Arctic Fox. 

Harrigan knew the little fox would die if left stranded out on the iceberg, so she and her crewmates stepped up to save its life. 

It took some coaxing, but eventually they got the fox on board and into a makeshift bed to warm up and dry off.