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Source: Photo by Michael Smith/Getty Images

Burger King Apologizes For Offering Prize To Women Who Get Pregnant With World Cup Players' Babies

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

The Russian branch of Burger King offered a cash prize of $47,000 and a lifetime supply of Whoppers to any woman who gets pregnant by a World Cup football player.  The ad was launched on VK a Russian social media site. Specifically the ad was offered to “girls who manage to get the best football genes” and “lay down the success of the Russian national football team.

The ad went on to say, “It is a reward for the girls who would get pregnant from the international football superstars.” 

  After the backlash, the company deleted the ad and offered an apology, saying:

As soon as it was brought to our attention, we had it removed. It certainly does not reflect our brand or our values and we are taking steps to ensure this type of activity does not happen again.