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Source: Screenshot YoutTube @Born Ready

Viral Video Of Girl Literally Blowing Smoke Out Her Ears Has The Internet Puzzled

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

 A video has appeared on YouTube showing a teen girl taking a hit of vape, plugging her nose and blowing the "smoke" out her ears. Teenagers. Sigh. 

The video was posted on Reddit and people wondered how it was possible. Seems there is a likely answer and it has to do with ear infections. According to Inverse:

Reoccurring ear infections are common among children and young adults. This occurs when bacteria build up in the middle ear — the space right behind the eardrum. The eustachian tube is a canal that links the middle ear to the nasopharynx — or the upper part of the throat behind the nose. Its main job is to control pressure in the middle ear and drain any unwanted fluids that could cause infection.