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Source: Photo by Tim Boyle-Getty Images

Cracker Barrel Shuts Down Racist Republican Candidate's 'Deportation Bus Tour'

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

Cracker Barrel is making it perfectly clear they want nothing to do with with Republican Michael Williams and his racist "Deportation Bus Tour." Williams is currently a Senator in Georgia and running for Governor. In a sad publicity stunt to try and rally fellow racists, Williams took his side show on the road in a converted school bus, painted to look like a prison bus and plastered with hate slogans such as- 


Is it too much to ask for even a racist, hate spreading Senator of the United States to spell check his propaganda signs? But you know, MAGA! Right? 

The bus tour took off this week and quickly broke down on the side of the road after water was found in the fuel tank. Wonder how that got there? After repairs the bus plans on continuing its scheduled stops to at least 10 Cracker Barrels along the way. The restaurant chain, after learning of this, spent two days trying to get ahold of Willam's to let him know they want no part of this tour or its rallies. 

Issuing a statement Janella Escobar, director of Cracker Barrel’s corporate communications, said:

We are not sponsoring this event or supporting Mr. Williams’ campaign stops in any way, and per our company policy, we will not allow him – or any political candidate—to host an event on Cracker Barrel’s property. We take pride in showing our communities and our country that the hospitality we practice is indeed welcoming and inclusive to all.
If he wants to come in and eat, that’s fine. We’ve tried repeatedly for the past two days to be in contact with him. We’ve tried his cell phone, his campaign’s email, to no avail. He did not ask permission to come onto our properties and host these events