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Source: Screenshot Instagram @kevikodra

Teen Boy Spends Four Hours On Fierce Makeup Before Yearbook Photo To Send An Empowering Message

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

Senior picture day is a rite of passage for teenagers around the world. It happens just once, so the pressure to get it right is real. Kevin Kodra, 18, wasn't about to pass up this opportunity to get it right, even if that meant four hours of painstakingly applying the perfect face for the last photo he would take at Bishop Allen Academy in Toronto, Ontario. 

Kodra talked with INSIDER about the process:

Throughout my high school career, my yearbook photos were always the ones that kids would laugh at when we would get the final yearbook at the end of the semester. I was tired of not feeling attractive.

The part-time makeup artist made sure this picture would look exactly how he wanted it.

When photo day came around, I knew I wanted to express myself to my full potential — so I did what makes me feel most glamorous: a bronzy, glowy look. I love using cream products for photos as it gives you a very skin-like look, but with maximum coverage. 

Four hours later, here are the results: