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Source: Marie Hyld

A Female Photographer Just Got Very Intimate With Strangers On Tinder, And We're Enthralled

By Mike Walsh

24-year-old photographer Marie Hyld was scrolling through the internet one day and decided she was tired of seeing the “same polished posts, pictures, and updates” that everybody's profiles on every kind of social media had.  Why do we all present such packages on our dating profiles?  Those people aren't us.  

Inspired by the cookie-cutter photos we all see on social media (someone hiking, friends at brunch, selfies), Hyld began a counter-image project called Lifeconstruction,  a series featuring her shooting very intimate situations with a random stranger she met through Tinder under an hour before the photos were taken.

“I think we lack that face-to-face time today,” Hyld told Broadly Denmark. “We’re never really present in our interactions. As I see it, it’s getting worse and social media is largely to blame for it. It’s ironic that my project basically couldn’t exist without Tinder.”  Hyld met her current boyfriend of four years on Tinder.

Hyld built and advertised the project on a specially created Tinder profile.  If the person swiped right, they would be agreeing to be used in the photos which would eventually go public. The timestamp on each photo indicates how long the two had known each other prior to the photo being taken. Here are the results:

1. Ten Minutes:

Source: Marie Hyld