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Source: Rebecca Sapp/WireImage

Group Led By Blink 182's Former Guitarist Just Released Declassified Video Of Fast-Moving UFO

By Evan Brechtel

Tom Delonge, former Blink-182 guitarist and source of mid-2000's teenage angst, is spacing out. To the Stars Academy of the Arts and Sciences—which Delonge helped found—shared a recently declassified military video, which they claim indicates the existence of aliens. The video was taken by a Navy fighter jet, and pilots are heard wondering what the speeding white dot they spotted over the ocean could possibly be.

While Delonge is not crying "Aliens!" just yet, he and To the Stars, as well as some politicians like former Defense Secretary Chris Mellon, are pressuring the government to seek more answers and attempting to build credibility of UFO investigations in the public eye. 

In an 0p-ed for the Washington Post, Mellon mused that UFO's like the one seen in the declassified video could be evidence of covert technological advances by countries like China or Russia, yet he does not dismiss the possibility of extraterrestrial beings.