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Source: Thomas Trutschel/Getty

Apple Is Apparently Planning To Release The Largest iPhone Ever This Year

By Chet Dawson

Our already overburdened pockets may soon be subjected to even more strain.

Apple is reportedly developing an iPhone even larger than the already generous present offerings. According to Bloomberg, they intend to soon release the "largest iPhone ever" later on this year alongside an update to the iPhone X and a slightly cheaper model for those who don't think phone prices should have a comma.

How big, you ask?

Current iPhone Xs have screens that are about 5.8 inches diagonally, and the vast Samsung S9+ screen clocks in at 6.2 inches. The screen of the incoming "biggest ever", dubbed 'D33' in internal R&D reports, will measure 6.5 inches diagonally. Doesn't sound that that big a stretch, but boy does a little extra add up to a whole different experience.