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Source: Getty Images

Cardi B And Anna Wintour Sat Next To Each Other During NY Fashion Week—And Twitter Has Questions

By Dennis Matthew Livesey

New York Fashion Week has always been a destination to see something new and unexpected, though one of the more talked about surprises this week happened just off the runway. 

On Saturday before the Alexander Wang show, rapper Cardi B took her place in one of the coveted front row seats. As if that wasn't enough, Cardi found herself seated next to none other other than Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. 

New York Times style reporter Matthew Schneier caught several snaps of the infamously reserved Wintour and the fashionably outspoken Cardi as they greeted each other, and the pictures of the unlikely pair caused quite a stir: 

The greeting appeared very friendly, but Twitter wanted to know more...