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Source: KLAUS-DIETMAR GABBERT / Getty Images

An Adorable Sloth Refereed Last Night's Puppy Bowl, And We're Here For It

By Alex Maxx

Forget the Super Bowl and tune in to the more adorable alternative, The Puppy Bowl. People are starting to ditch the ol' fan-favorite sport in favor of puppies — and who could blame them? 

For those who aren't familiar, the Puppy Bowl mimics that of the Super Bowl, but replaces professional football players with puppies, and a real football with squeakers. There are two teams who compete for the supreme title, and the whole thing is too cute.

Team Fluff and Team Ruff battled it out for the championship, but the cuteness overload didn't stop there. How could a special broadcasting two teams of puppies get any better? The game was officiated by a rescue sloth, named Shirley.