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Source: Pixabay

It's Somehow Still January—And Everyone Is Confused How That's Even Possible

By Dennis Matthew Livesey

January has always been a month of cold weather and broken News Year's resolutions. It's the Monday of the calendar year, the time when you have to start the cycle all over again when all you want to do is crawl back into bed. And like a familiar fat orange cat, we're not big fans of Mondays. So it's no surprise when the month seems to drag on forever, but this year the unending month seems to have hit everyone. While there are the same number of days this January as there are every year, the inexplicable dragging might be due to the fact that there are five Mondays this month.

And January isn't the only culprit. There are going to be four more months like it this year.

Twitter couldn't understand how the month wasn't over yet.