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Source: David Becker/Getty

Spike TV Is Coming To An End—And Someone At The Network Is Having A Twitter Meltdown

By Chet Dawson

It's usually pretty hard to lose a job, and it's even worse to do so publicly.

But being a public figure with a "to heck with this" attitude affords one certain opportunities. We here at Guacamoley are fans of the strategic use of The Blaze of Glory — quitting a gig on your own terms and burning that ish down. It's one of the greatest experiences you can ever have (and absolutely one of the best beer-earning stories in your arsenal). 

Take Spike TV and its magnificently NSFW running twitter thread.

Spike TV was the self-declared "network for men" that brought us, among other things, the turning point of the now-famous UFC, thanks to the reality show The Ultimate Fighter. While bro-ey to the point of full collapse, Spike had 15 years and basically launched an international sport into the mainstream, and for that we thank them.