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Source: Alan Powdrill

New Research About Why Cheaters Cheat Emerges Online, And We Don't Know How To Feel

By Vanessa Nix Anthony

If you're one of those people who believes in and has posted that anonymous quote about cheating that's been memed and re-memed on the interwebs, you may be in for a bit of shock when you read the results of the latest study from The Journal of Sex Research

You know the quote I mean, don't you, it's the one that says:

Source: Anonymous

Well, turns out that quote has it all wrong . . . or at least the first half. According to new research into the reasons behind why people cheat on their partners conducted by The Journal of Sex Research, the number one reason people gave (a whopping 77 percent!!) when asked why they cheated was "lack of love." They either explicitly stated this as in, "I fell out of love," or a lack of love was in some other way indicated. 

But in an interview with Bustle, relationship expert, Chelsea Leigh Trescott, Founder of Breakupward said: