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Source: Getty Images

People Find Extremely Creative Workaround So They Could Drink Alcohol Legally

By Alex Maxx

Ringing in the New Year often involves a sprinkling of glitter and sequins, dancing or watching the ball drop on television, and spending those final moments of the year with loved ones. Oh, and for many people, booze. Lots of booze.

New Zealand authorities implemented an alcohol ban on the festive evening in an attempt to avoid the messiness and chaos that often ensues. Some people accepted the ban and partied sans liquor. But a group of creative thinkers wasn't going to take no for an answer. What did their solution entail? A giant sandcastle in the middle of the ocean, complete with a picnic table and drinks. The sand fort was technically in international waters, and therefore not subject to New Zealand law.

What to do during a liquor ban on New Year's Eve? Find a loophole and build an island: