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Source: Josiah Kamau/Getty

A Conspiracy Theorist Just Went After Chrissy Teigen—And She Fired Back

By Chet Dawson

Chrissy Teigen is way too smart to be taken for a ride, guys. But as with any of us - mess with family, and the knives will come out.

Saturday evening, a proponent of the easily debunked Pizzagate conspiracy theory posted on Twitter accusing Teigen of being a member of an imaginary pedophilia ring run out of the basement of a DC-area pizza shop. And before my dear reader chuckles and rolls their eyes, this particular theory excited people so much that a man actually went to the pizza shop with an assault rifle, threatened everybody within, and was sentenced to four years in prison over the attack. This is dangerous stuff, which Teigen sniffed out pretty quickly. 

To begin - Chrissy posted a photo of her daughter Luna in an adorable hot dog costume at one point, and just for fun included a pizza emoji. Harmless fun to folks like you or me, but to Pizzagaters, it's a hidden symbol.  Twitter conspiracist @LizCronkin reposted the photo along with a few others, then invited her followers to 'follow the white rabbit', including white supremacist hashtags like #theStorm just to drive the point home.