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Source: Facebook

Woman Caught On Camera Making Unsettling Racist Comment To Asian Student

By Erica Diaz

Imagine you're sitting at Starbucks in another country with your tutor trying to understand a lesson but struggling with an advanced concept. Your tutor thinks that speaking in your native language might be more comfortable to help get the concept across to you, so your brain doesn't have to translate AND try to learn something new at the same time. Seems fair, reasonable, and super helpful actually, doesn't it? Now imagine that lesson gets interrupted by someone who takes offense to the fact that you're not speaking a language they understand - even though they aren't the person you were trying to communicate with. Now imagine that person makes a whole scene about it and you'd be imagining what happened to international college student Annie An not too long ago. 

She and her tutor were trying to study and speaking to one another in Korean, Annie's native language, when a woman interrupted to tell them to speak English only since this is America. This woman, to be precise.

Source: Facebook Screenshot

The berating continued with the woman saying she hated "oriental" and that President Obama said everyone needed to speak English. A Starbucks employee came to the defense of the studying pair and tried to assure the woman that all customers may speak whatever language they want. She wasn't too pleased with that and declares that there would be trouble when she finished sending out the letter she was typing up at that moment. 

Another patron replied:  You’re pressing numbers over and over again.