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Source: Peter Cade/Getty Images

These Are The Ways Cheaters Talk To The Partners They're Cheating With

By Dennis Matthew Livesey

Whether you're a cold war spy or just a garden variety cheater, secret communication is the name of the game when planning your furtive trysts. A dead drop in Sarajevo might be over the top for your average affair but if you like piña coladas and cheating on your partner, the information age has made covert messaging easier than ever. 

A new survey by the extramarital aficionados over at Ashley Madison polled 1,500 of their users and found the top five ways cheaters conduct their dangerous liaisons.

Cell phone

It should come as no surprise that "personal phone" was the number one answer. Of the respondents, 56 percent said they preferred to use their smart phones to communicate with their partners in cheating. Small, discreet, secure, and on you at all times, a smart phone is an obvious choice, but message notifications can be a serious flaw if not properly managed.

Relationship coach Chris Armstrong says being overly protective of a phone can be one of the more recognizable behaviors of someone having an affair. "One clue is that their cell phone will be glued to their hands and their text and call history will always be clean."