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Source: Jason Owen/Flickr

Talk Show Host Comes Close To Serious Injury During Liquid Nitrogen Segment On Live TV

By Dennis Matthew Livesey

Normally "saving face" means avoiding embarrassment, but for one Australian TV presenter, an experiment gone wrong meant a sharp duck to the left to prevent serious damage. Studio Ten host Natarsha Belling was helping scientist Jacob Strickling with a demonstration on the morning show when a misplaced projectile nearly ended in disaster.

Scientist and author Jacob Strickling was on the show to promote his new book. Strickling was demonstrating a stunt popular with amateur experimenters using Diet Coke and liquid nitrogen. The super-cooled nitrogen expands exponentially when introduced to the warmer Diet Coke, and creates a rocketing projectile. 

After setting off a couple rockets, Strickling offered to let Belling launch one of her own.