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Source: The White House Announces 2017 Word Of The Year--And The Trump Administration Isn't Going To Like It

By Dennis Matthew Livesey

For insightful political discourse, might not be the first outlet that comes to mind. Still, today's announcement of their Word of the Year may help answer a question many have been asking: "What kind of year has 2017 been?" Abandoning their normally whimsical year in review, Dictionary penned a damning treatise on power and how the powerful chose to wield it this year. 

Dictionary threw down a gauntlet that left few unscathed with just one word: COMPLICIT.

Complicit means “choosing to be involved in an illegal or  questionable act, especially with others; having partnership or  involvement in wrongdoing.” Or, put simply, it means being, at some  level, responsible for something . . . even if indirectly.

Twitter seemed to agree that at least some words speak louder than actions: