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Source: Wikimedia Commons

Mark Hammil Just Trolled 'Star Wars' Fans With A Fake Spoiler About 'The Last Jedi.'

By Tom.

We are less than one Earthly season away from the release of the latest chapter in the Star Wars saga. All we have to do is get through Halloween and Thanksgiving and then... BOOM! We will be in a Galaxy far, far away. In light of all this anticipation, Mark Hamill had some fun with impatient fans on Twitter.

Hamill hinted there might be story details loose at this very moment, right under our noses:

Source: Twitter

Does the vintage comic contain spoilers for The Last Jedi, which will hit theaters in December? Was Hamill piquing fans' curiosity or sending a warning? Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter took Hamill's post seriously enough to write about the possibility of spoilers.

Fans' reactions were mixed: