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Source: Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

Rand Paul's Wife Says She Sleeps With A Loaded Gun By Her Bed Over Fear Of Attacking Liberals

By Mike Walsh

Rand Paul, the junior senator of Kentucky, is a member of the Tea Party movement and a serious conservative who represents everything liberals despise: pro-life, anti-marriage equality, and all of the scary things you could possibly think of. 

But according to Paul's wife, following an assault by his next door neighbor, Paul is terrified of the left.

Apparently, Paul was assaulted last year by Rene Boucher, one of his neighbors. Paul had several broken ribs and had to spend some time away from Washington. 

While Boucher is a registered Democrat, his lawyer insists Boucher's attack was not motivated by politics. This assault took a toll on both Paul and his wife, and motivated Kelley Paul to sleep with a loaded gun because she fears more attacks like this by liberals in today's political climate.