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Credit: Leon Bennett

Jim Carrey's New Colin Kaepernick Artwork Speaks Volumes

By Evan Brechtel

Jim Carrey may be known primarily for his acting and comedic work, but he's a man of infinite talents.

Performance art is far from the only art Carrey manages to create. 

He's also an accomplished visual artist.

According to a 2014 article in artnet news, Carrey picked up a paintbrush as a child and never put it back down. 

After his meteoric rise in Hollywood, people assumed his recently revealed art merely reflected a man looking for a new hobby, but Carrey once told David Letterman about a cabin he maintains in his home country of Canada where he does "all his arts and crafts."

Carrey also maintained an art studio in his California home. However it is only recently that most of the public became aware of the stand-up comedian and actor's forays into the visual arts.