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Source: Inside Edition

Trump And Omarosa Had A Reality Dating Show To Find Her A Husband—And One Of The Contestants Just Spilled The Tea

By John Sundholm

Grab some ice cubes cuz this tea is HAWT.

Given the, um...let’s go with “evolutions” they’ve undergone in recent years, it can be hard to remember that once upon a time, our President was a mostly innocuous reality-TV P.T. Barnum and Omarosa Manigault-Newman was his feisty, take-no-prisoners onscreen protégée. And like shockingly low-rise jeans and Keven Federline, for a hot 2000s minute Omarosa was everywhere, an unstoppable, unavoidable, inescapable part of the zeitgeist.

Seems a bit of that past is coming back around to pay Manigault-Newman a vist.