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Source: Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images, Twitter: @Meiguo_nan

Trump Latest 'War On Christmas' Claims Have Twitter Users' Eyes Rolling Back Into Their Brains

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

Christmas is nearly five months away and already President Donald Trump is using the mythical "war on Christmas" as a talking point at his rallies. This week while speaking in Tampa, Florida, Trump took credit for saving Christmas for all of us.

Remember, I said, it’s awfully early to be thinking this, but I always think it. Remember the attack on Merry Christmas? They’re not attacking it anymore. Everyone’s happy to say ‘Merry Christmas,’ right? Merry Christmas! That was under siege. You’d have these big department stores that say ‘happy holidays.’ They say where’s the ‘Merry Christmas?’ Now they’re all putting up ‘Merry Christmas’ again. And that’s because only because of our campaign.

Folks are having a collective case of déjà vu.