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Source: Bill Clark / Getty Images

Trump Judicial Nominee Believes Planned Parenthood 'Kills Over 150,000 Females A Year'

By Alex Maxx

Does Planned Parenthood kill more than 150,000 women every year? According to one of President Trump's judicial nominees, Wendy Vitter, that answer is an astounding yes. Back in May 2013, the lawyer made a speech protesting a new Planned Parenthood in her hometown of New Orleans. 

Vitter said in the speech:

Planned Parenthood says they promote women’s health. It is the saddest of ironies that they kill over 150,000 females a year. The first step in promoting women’s health is to let them live.

During a confirmation hearing  Wednesday, Vitter  avoided questions about those remarks.

While she did acknowledge she was making a blatant reference to aborted female fetuses, she avoided talking about it further – including avoiding an answer to a question about her stance on the topic now. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) asked Vitter if she stood by those claims.

Vitter responded by saying:

Senator, I don’t recall the exact context.