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Source: Photo by AFP/Getty Images

President Bush's Ethics Chief Just Issued A Serious Threat To Team Trump

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

The former ethics chief for former president George W. Bush had some strong warnings for the current administration. 

Richard Painter appeared on CNN Thursday and didn't hold back. Painter told the panel:

We know there was collusion. The president can deny it all he wants, but we have the meeting in Trump Tower with the Russian agents. We have Mr. Papadopoulos who had his Russian handler, the professor they called him, over in London, and now we’ve got Gates and his Russian agent contact.

Painter wasn't finished yet. He was just getting started:

A lot of people are lying about their contacts with the Russians, and that’s criminal, so we’re going to have people going to the slammer over this. The question is who and how high up this is going to reach with respect to criminal conduct. But the notion there’s ‘no collusion’ is just ridiculous. There is collusion, and we know it by now.

Clearly Painter is no fan of President Trump. Last year he criticized the President for his lack of tact when contacting families following the deaths of U.S. soldiers overseas. 

At that time Painter had this to say about Trump's compassion and empathy:

He has no empathy, no understanding of the human emotions of what people go through because he never did it himself, he stayed home during Vietnam with his sore foot or whatever it was.