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Source: Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Image

Michelle Obama Finally Explains Her Awkward Reaction To Melania's Gift—And We Get It

By Erica Diaz

Donald Trump's inauguration was certainly an event that made history. It was full of flubs, ego, strange performances, and "the gift heard 'round the world." In case your memory is failing you, we're talking about that moment when Melania offered Michelle a gift. We're sure Melania had the sweetest intentions, but the gift clearly caught Michelle off guard. 

Since Michelle is usually so poised, the whole world collectively thought, "What was that all about?"

Source: Twitter

We've wondered for a year now whether Michelle Obama was being shady or if Melania just threw everyone off. Was there a random skunk that ran past and that's what her face was all about? We have no idea. Or, rather, we had no idea. Michelle finally broke her silence — to none other than Ellen — and the story behind the incident just makes the whole thing funnier and more relatable.