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Source: Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic / SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Ivana Trump Claims Trump Isn't Actually Racist—He Just Says 'Silly' Things

By Erica Diaz

Donald Trump is, once again, at the center of controversy. We're getting really tired of writing different variations of that sentence. In the midst of backlash and accusations of racism, he's found an interesting ally. His first wife, not someone known for being a fan of his, gave an interview to Good Morning Britain where she was asked about her thoughts on Donald's alleged racism. 

Her response has people doing the Winona while we try to process it all. 

According to Ivana Trump, Donald isn't racist. The problem is that he's silly. And confused.

Ivana: “I don't think Donald is racist at all. You know, sometimes, he says these things, you know, which are silly, or he doesn’t really mean them, or something like that. But he’s definitely not racist. I’m sure of that. " 
Interviewer: "Why does he say them, then?" 
Ivana: "Who knows? You know, he has so many people telling him left and right what to say, and what to not to say and things like that; and sometimes maybe it gets confusing. I honestly don't know."