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Source: Getty Images

The White House Just Responded to Report That Trump's Schedule Is Getting Shorter and It Sounds Exactly Like Trump Wrote It

By Brandon Gage

President Donald Trump's shrinking daily schedule just leaked. While the official presidential schedule designates the start of each day with "Executive Time" from 8-11 am, Axios is reporting that the 71-year-old president instead spends his mornings watching TV and tweeting from the White House residence. 

On a typical day, Trump doesn't find his way to the Oval Office until 11:00 or later, which is when he receives his daily intelligence briefing. Trump then stays at work until 6:00 before retiring back to the residence, where he watches more TV, tweets, makes phone calls, and who-knows-what else. It's his executive style leftover from his days running the Trump Organization. 

The White House isn't fond of reports that Trump watches as much as 8 hours of TV a day, as New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman expressed on Twitter: "When we approached WH people estimating he spent as little as four and sometimes twice that many hours in front of a TV for our Dec piece, Trump erupted and blasted “fake reporters” while on Asia trip."