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Source: Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Bernie Sanders Impressed By Ontario's Health Care System After Recent Trip

By Jonna Ivin-Patton

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders took a tour of three hospitals in Toronto to learn more about the Canadian healthcare system. The presidential candidate ran in the Democratic primary on a platform that include a single-payer health care system for Americans. He was often heard repeating the message, "Medicare for All." 

During the tour, Sanders had this to say:

We do not in the United States do a good job in looking around the rest of the world and asking the questions that have to be asked. What we heard was incredibly innovative. In fact, they are proud to be doing things that are leading the world. I think it is not a fair argument to say that the system here is not a strong system and innovative system.

Sanders tweeted about health care, an issue he has been passionate about since the early 1990s: